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Evo Wilderness Villa

Evo Wilderness Villa, hidden in the forest, but not far away. Only 150 km from Helsinki and 100 km from Tampere City.

Rent Evo Wilderness Villa, an old times log cabin built 1955 originally for 12 lumber jacks, a place where the Finnish timbering culture  lives strong. You are in the forests without any disturbing neighbours, but you do enjoy all the modern comforts and facilities. Evo Wilderness Villa is the only property at its 1700 hectares forest area. Yes, you read correctly, 1700 hectares it is. Closest neighbour is around 2 kilometers away.

Come and feel the silence, peace in the wilderness, have a peaceful meeting, go fishing or hiking and trekking, let it be summer or winter. Let the forest surprise and refresh you. We have the space, for your peacy and privacy. Please note that despite the wild spirit we have all the modern facilities as any modern home or hotel, its just that we have created them for you in the forest, away from the crowded and noisy cities.

Evo Wilderness Villa is anyhow near national Evo hiking area, where you can enjoy guided hiking routes, fire places and recreational fishing area of Niemisjärvi Lakes are close by. Make cozy day trips in the wonderful nature , please see more information at: Evo hiking area.



Evo Wilderness Villa is an unique place for accommodation for short breaks or for longer periods, for holidays, company events, meetings and get togethers. Evo Wilderness Villa is especially optimal for family reunions for several generations as it offers up to 18 bed places. Enjoyable time together with your nearest people,  peace and privacy. A forest villa with all modern comforts and facilities! Water closets, air conditiong, shower, 2 saunas, comfortable beds and 2 hot tubs, but please do note that when you go out the door to our forest garden you will feel and see the wilderness. Look at the pictures!

In addition to the space and peace you should also feel the spirit of a 60 years old log house, which we have renovated for our guests. During the intensive renovation period in 2015 we tried to preserve the old times log building traditions so that you could sense the 60 years old log house spirit. Maybe you can still imagine the lumber jacks going to the forest early morning and getting back in the evening, after hard working day. They truly worked hard here for their daily bread.

Renovated Evo Wilderness Villa is nearly 200 m2 large and consits of open kitchen with dining or meeting places for up to 18 persons, 5 bedrooms with 12 bed places and 6 solid extra beds. In addition the main building has electrically heated sauna, dressing rooms and bathroom with shower.  In the forest garden around 30 meters from the main house you find an idyllic old times wood heated sauna, which has space for up to 8 persons. In addition aroud the main building we have built a large 60 m2 terrace which offers enjoyable outdoors moments for those who want to sense the nature. From the terrace you have easy acces to an open fire place and forest shelte, and naturally there are two hot tubs for those who want to relax in the warm or hot water.

Evon Wilderness Villa is located by a peaceful forest road, but still close to the services of national Evo hiking area. Take a 15 minutes walk by the forest road or 5 minutes by car. In case you have a bit more wilderness spirit within you will also find some small, forgotten forest lakes within 700-900 meters, have a look at the map... ;)

DINING & CONFERENCE ROOM: This used to be two separate rooms for 6 + 6 lumber jacks with their bunk beds. We renovated their place into a dining and conference room with open kitchen. This is the place where you get together with you friend, colleagues or family. There are seats for up 18 persons around four meters long and robust wooden table, hand crafted by local carpenters.

There is also a sofa corner for around 6-9 persons and the same same corner can be used as 3 beds when the evening turns into sleeping time.

KITCHEN: Open kitchen is naturally attached into the dining & conference room, which makes the cooking time into a social event for the whole group, if desired. There is good set of dishes, kettles, pans, bowls and other kind of gears so that you can easily prepare foor for up to 20 persons. Large fridge, stow, dish washer, micro wave and coffee machine. The things that you need for a nice cooking event. From the dining room there is direct access to the large 60 m2 terrace and to the forest garden where you will find an open fire place with a barbeque shelter, gas grill and tradional wood burning grill so you can prepare your food the modern way way or old fashion way.

INTERNET AND ELECTRONICS: Even though you are pretty deep in the forest, we have managed to create a working 4G-internet so that you can stay connected to the modern world, but please feel free to turn it off, if you wish to disconnect from emails and other pling-plong... Maybe you just want to listen to your friends and the surrounding nature. You decice.

As all the people in your group are maybe not outdoors enthusiasts we have equipped the villa with three SONY Smart TVs: In the dining & conference room you find a 40” SONY Smart TV, which can be connected to PC or tablets to be used as a conference screen. You can also connect the TV to Netflix in case you prefer to stay inside and not feel the nature... You decide. In two bed rooms you will find a similar TV with the same features. There is also a stereo set, whic offers bluetooth connection so that you can play your favourite music from your own smart phone or tablet.

ACCOMMODATIONS:  In total 18 bed places. 12 normal beds in  4 bed rooms and 6 extra beds, which are easily made from the two separate sofa corners. Please see the floor plans if you wish to check how the beds are divided. You find the floor plans as pictures further down at this page.

IN-HOUSE SAUNA, BATHROOM, SHOWER AND TOILETS: Electrically heated sauna in the main building with space for 6-8 persons, bathroom and shower. From the dressing room you have direct access to the 60 m2 large terrace where you can cool yourself after relaxing sauna. 2 separate small toilets, one down stairs and one up stairs.

WOOD HEATED SAUNA AND DRESSING ROOM: In the forest garden about 30 meters from the main building there is an idyllic old times sauna, timbered originally 1955 from robust log material.  We just renovated it carefully, added running water and electrics. Naturally this sauna is still wood heated.

BARBEQUE SHELTER: Open fire is built centrally in the forest garden so that you can easily access it from the main house, terrace or from the saunas.  This is the place where nights get dark, time passes and story telling starts flying. Don´t forget your beers or stronger freshments as Finnish nights might get cold... Please note that the shelter also offers a sleeping place for up to 4 persons, for those who like to see the stars and sleep in a sleeping bag.

2 HOT TUBS: One hot tub is located at its own little terrace in front of the wood heated sauna, the other one is by the terrace of the main building near in-house sauna. You can also take a short walk from the in-house sauna to the hot tub of the wood heated sauna as we have hand crafted a wooden path to the hot tube. Please be aware that wooden paths are slippery with wet feet, especially if you have taken couple of beers...

FOREST GARDEN AND TERRACES: At the main terrace you have robust table sets and chairs for up to 18 persons. Traditional wood burning grill is located in the barbeque place, which is just 10 steps away.

ADDRESS TO EVO WILDERNESS VILLA: Niemisjärventie 459, HÄMEENLINNA. Please note that you might not find it on the maps, but we are happy to provide driving directions.


Please note that you are most welcome to come with your own food and drinks, but we are also happy to organize you full service catering if you simply wish to relax and enjoy ready made meals.

ASK FOR AN OFFER: info@evonluonto.fi or call +358404173627.

 Distances from Evo Wilderness Villa

- To the forest 0 km

- To Niemisjärvi lakes recreational fishing area 1,3 km (15 minutes walk, 5 minutes by car)

- Three small and hidden forest lakes 600-800 meters, try to find them.... 

- Helsinki 145 km 

- Helsinki Airport 139 km 

- Tampere 103 km

- Hämeenlinna 45 km

- Lahti 61 km

- Mikkeli 183 km

- Turku 187 km

Evo Wilderness Villa

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