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Lake Ruuhijärvi

Lake Ruuhijärvi and its lake villa.
Rent Ruuhijärvi lake villa, own lake, peace and privacy.

The 255 m2 large main building at Ruuhijärvi was built originally around 1920 as a base for forest workers, for lumberjacks and woodcutters. Back in the old days Ruuhijärvi forest manor was the only home for many lumberjacks - and their co-workers were their only family. The forest cabins at the Evo Nature and hiking area became unused during the 60’s, but woke up into new life during 90’s. After that Ruuhijärvi Lake´s buildings have been renovated and modernized several times.

Here lived those hard working men and women who built the Finnish welfare society.

Ruuhijärvi surroundings include the old times yard area, the lake, the large main building, two wood heated saunas, which together generate an uncomplicated, easy going old fashion and peaceful spirit, but anyway with the modern facilities and comforts. Organize easy going meetings, holidays, enjoyable parties or family gatherings in peaceful surroundings combined with forest and lake, but still with modern facilities and close to city activities.

Two traditional wood-heated saunas are located just in the shoreline of lake Ruuhijärvi, only for you. Enjoy yourself or pamper your customers, friends or family.


In the main hall room for approx. 20 persons to conference and dine. In the lobby are room to gather and to have small group meeting while a separate cabinet gives a private conference room for 6-8 persons. PC-projector, internet with wifi, flip board, two large 47 inch flat TVs with PC-connection.

Set of dishes for up to 50 persons, 2 electric stoves, fridge, freezer, micro wave, dish machine.

Entrance lobby offers room for approximately 10 persons to gather, to drink and eat or just to relax after the soft & hot sauna experience.

Bed places for approx. 30 persons. 18 standard beds in two big bedrooms for 6 people each and one bedroom for 5 persons, plus addiditional extra beds can be arranged for up to 10 people. Even bigger groups can be accommodated in case some people are willing to sleep on the mattresses. We have the space at Ruuhijärvi Lake!

Electrically heated sauna, dressing room, 3 showers, WC, sauna has room for 4-5 persons.

Two wood heated saunas with separate dressing rooms, two wood-heated heating cauldrons, Both saunas have room for 8-10 persons, in total for up to 20 persons.

Our old times timber made cottage at the Ruuhijärvi yard has space for approx. 40 persons and can be used for celebrations or for old fashion dining room and meetings. The wood-heated massive stone stove gives an atmosphere from hundred years ago.

ADDRESS: Ruuhijärventie 137, 16970 HÄMEENLINNA

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Ruuhijärvi, aitta

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