New Accommodation by Lake Aulanko

Aulanko Reforms!

Aulanko Peace is a whole new concept which will be built by the shores of Lake Aulangonjärvi. The core will be two brand ned multi-function Lake Villas and Aulanko Grand Villa, which together will be able to offer accommmodation for groups between 5–100 persons.

The brand new multi-function villas will offer comfortable and experiental meetings, parties, events and holidays. Whatever kind of group you have, small or big, Get Together! Have your Peace And Privacy. You will gets lots of space and scenery around you. Despite the Peace And Privacy we are not far away in the woods. Lake Aulangonjärvi is only 100 km from Helsinki within one hour drive.

In addition to Aulanko Peace´s versatile accommodation services the surroundind Aulanko area offers wide-ranging services, such as golf courses, spa, horse riding, national nature reserve, stunning observation tower and hiking routes, to name few of the places to visit. Please see more information here.

In addition to these peacefull nearby activities city of Hämeenlinna is within less than 10 kilometers. This means that from Aulanko Peace´s lake villa you can easily make ad-hoc visits to the city, get into movie or to a restaurant – if you should want to have some action, but we do believe that you will mostly enjoy your Peace And Privacy.

Summer evening view to Aulanko Peace area around Lake Aulangonjärvi.

Mallipiirros Aulangon uudesta monitoimihuvilasta.Aulangon Rauhan talvinäkymä.

Construction Schedule of the Multipurpose-villas

The construction of the first multipurpose-villa in Aulanko Peace starts in June 2017 with the first customers arriving in December 2017.

Ask for an offer early! Customers who reserved a multipurpose-villa will have plenty of own space. Peace & Privacy. Get Together.

Explore the initial pictures of Aulanko Peace and the multipurpose-villas here.

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