Enjoy the peace and silence!


Ruuhijärvi, Syväjärvi and Evo Wilderness Villa are all located in Evo Hiking Area where you can do many peaceful nature activities. Evo Hiking area is one of the biggest forest areas in the Southern Finland. The area is approximately 8500 hectares large area where one can hike on marked routes, overnight in the forest under wooden shelters or in tents.

Syväjärvi, Ruuhijärvi and Evo wilderness villa can work as optimal bases for example for couple of days inexpensive nature holiday.

Go hiking, skiing, nordic walking, paddle, row, fish or just see and listen to the nature of Evo area in peace. Wilderness is close to you here.

Click for more information here: Evo hiking area

When you wish for modern services you will reach them within 20 minute drive to Tuulonen Shopping Center, a compact but still very comprehensive shopping center with everything you need, please click here: Tuulonen Shopping Center (unfortunately the web site is only in Finnish).


Evo Hiking Area

Tuulonen Shopping Center

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